favorite character meme | four relationships → Simon Tam & Inara Serra

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#Simon Tam   #Inara Serra   #Firefly   #FSedits   #FireflyEdit   #Gena makes stuff   #Gena's gifs   #FavCharSimon   #Look what I'm back doing!   #Inara and Simon have such a great relationship though.   #Two people from the Core out here leaving everything they knew for very different reasons.   #They're from very different parts of the Core and of very different background   #Both professionals with very different callings.   #but I believe between the two of them they embody everything that's good about the people of the Core   #a sense of duty; unwavering loyalty and devotion; a need to help others born out of compassion and empathy; love of tradition and beauty   #they also cover the bad   #short-sightedness and narrow-sightedness; a sense of superiority and aloofness; reluctance to open up to others; critical and judgmental   #But there's something to be said about how similar they are.   #I believe they understand each other and how the other works.   #They recognize they share a lot because they come from the same place (very very broadly speaking)   #And they must find some kind of comfort in that somehow.   #To find someone like yourself way out here.   #Don't talk to me about the comics and 'Simon is a doctor. He is also my friend.'   #(In which I firmly believe Simon learns that Inara is sick before she leaves the ship.)   #(Somehow I don't ship this unless you add Kaylee. OT3 yeah!)   #Some of the gifs suck but I'm just whatev  

favorite character meme | four relationships → Simon Tam & Jayne Cobb

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favorite character meme | four relationships → Simon Tam & Zoe Washburne

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favorite character meme | three emotions → Afraid

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favorite character meme | three emotions → Angry

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favorite character meme | three emotions → Happy

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favorite character meme | two colors → Blue

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#Simon Tam   #Firefly   #FSEdits   #Fireflyedit   #Gena makes stuff   #Gena's gifs   #FavCharSimon   #Personal fave   #This was only hard in the narrowing down.   #He's so very blue. From his place of birth (the Core) to where he works (the infimary) to his wardrobe down to the color of his eyes.   #Literally everything about Simon is the color blue.   #It's a conscience production decision to so heavily associate him with the color.   #It's one of the color associations of the Alliance and the Central planets.   #And it stands opposite the earth tones of the Rim and the Browncoats.   #The intention was for him to move away from the color as the series progressed   #just as his wardrobe becomes more relaxed it was meant to also become less blue   #But the series was cancelled before that could really be done.   #(Not to say he only wears blue. He doesn't. But his most notable outfits are.)   #It's a good color for him though. Calm. Cold. Melancholy at times.   #Mm. There are so many blue associations that I think are good for him.   #Also. When describing the lighting choices of Serenity Whedon said of Simon:   #'coolly handsome and hard to connect with--ultimately he's a romantic.'   #And I think in that respect the color works very well for Simon.   #It's just hard to imagine him so heavily associated with anything else really.   #In my opinion Simon is actually the color blue. He just is.   #Sidebar: why are all these profile shots? Seriously? Is Sean in profile that often?  

favorite character meme | two colors → Black

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favorite character meme | one character → Simon Tam

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