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For those of you who saw Snowpiercer and were wondering what Minsu’s untranslated first sentences were, Salon has an answer: 

Despite its French and South Korean origins, [Snowpiercer’s] dialogue is mostly English. Writer Emily Yoon saw this film when it was first released in Korea last year, and explains there’s a terrific joke that goes untranslated on two levels: When Curtis (played by Chris Evans) first encounters Namgung Minsu (남궁민수, played by Song Kang-ho), Evans keeps calling him ‘Nam,’ to which Song responds: “‘남궁’까지가 성이고 ‘민수’ 가 이름이다 이 무식한 새끼야.” (“‘Namgung’ is my surname and ‘Minsu’ is the name, you ignorant bastard.”) Because there are many languages being spoken in the closed universe of the train, the people riding it use an interpreter/translator device. However, the device is stumped because he has a rare two-syllable family name — he should be called either ‘Namgung’ or ‘Minsu,’ but never just ‘Nam.’ The translator machine can’t make sense of this, and so as Song rants, the machine remains silent. So the entire insult goes untranslated for the movie audience as well.

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Texture pack!

  • 9 textures;
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Enjoy! :-)

New textures every Monday and Friday!

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daceymormont replied to your post: I should catch-up on Defiance.

i;m a few episode behind but it is FAB so far this season

I am so bad. The last episode I saw was 1.03. Irony is I told a lot of people to watch this show before it started airing and then I fell behind and never got back around to it.

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I should catch-up on Defiance.

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Chris Evans exclusive interview with Mark Ruffalo.  / x.
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I sort of feel bad for the (less than a handful) of people who use my gif hunt because:


And that’s only one folder. At least it’s organized by work.

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W O U L D   Y O U   K I N D L Y
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Are you even real

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I want to make AU gifsets but like… I usually don’t know enough movies with scenes I need in them.

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Q: Do you help the boners? Or do you—?
A: Full service. 

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Everyone had a crush on Zuko but nobody had a crush on Book one Zuko

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[ works on a fanmix ]
[ someone publishes one for the same thing, coincidentally shares half the songs on your unfinished one ]
[ scraps entire playlist ]
[ repeat ]

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